Catenian Charity progress reports

Nearing completion in 2021

In 2019 the Catenian Charity Inc. awarded its second scholarship of $5,000 to KARRI THOMAS who was residing at Aquinas College in Adelaide. Then aged 19, she qualified for a scholarship due to her financial circumstances.

       Karri’s application was vetted by the Charity’s Scholarship Master and unanimously recommended by the three members of the Catenian Charity’s selection panel. Their view was:

       “Karri is an amazing young person with envious school and first year university academic performances. We recommend that Karri be awarded a scholarship based on her obvious needs, her outstanding academic record, potential and necessitous circumstances.”

       Karri attended local schools for both her primary and secondary school education. She recognised that education was a critical part of her future and in 2017 she resided at Aquinas College (a Catholic residential college attached to the University of Adelaide) to commence a science degree. In 2017 she achieved either high distinctions or distinctions in each of the units she was studying.

       She recently wrote this report: “I would like to thank the Catenian Charity for its continued support that has allowed me to complete yet another year of study. I am currently halfway through my honours year in which I’m working on a project involving the production of biodegradable plastics (PHA’s) from wastewater microbial cultures.”

       “While there have been many challenges to my research so far (not helped by the ever-changing circumstances caused by COVID-19), within the next few months I hope to gain better insight into the feasibility of producing PHA plastics from the wastewater treatment plants in South Australia and how to maximise the yield.”

       “Throughout my project,” Karri writes, “I have been working between labs at both Flinders University and South Australian Water Authority where I’ve gained valuable insight into other cutting-edge research such as improving the nutritional potential of micro algal supplements or the testing of wastewater for traces of COVID-19. The experience I have gained working in such environments has immensely improved my skills and knowledge as a researcher, so I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to continue my study in this way.”

       “After graduation I would like to continue working on similar research projects, hopefully using my recently acquired skills to make a difference to the world in some way. While I do not know what the future may bring, I’m looking forward to whatever lies ahead.” Karri Thomas

In her second last year before graduation, Jessica Fenton reports on her progress

Jessica Fenton

The Catenian Charity’s third scholarship recipient, JESSICA FENTON was born in 1997 at Narrogin where she spent her early childhood before moving to Mandurah to continue her secondary education. She has two sisters and two brothers in a closely-knit family.

       In 2017 Jessica enrolled at the University of Western Australia and commenced a Bachelor of Science degree with a double major in medical sciences and psychological sciences. She graduated with that degree in 2020 and is now enrolled in the school of medicine. Jessica has resided at St Thomas More College in Crawley where in 2018 she was a resident advisor and in 2019 became a senior resident advisor.

       She has an outstanding academic record from secondary school and university and additionally scored well in the three other Catenian Charity Inc. criteria.

       “Over the New Year I was extremely blessed with the arrival of my first nephew Harvey Mark Wayne Canna,” Jessica writes in her latest report to the Charity. “He is a stunning little boy that arrived healthy in mid-December 2020. Our family is overjoyed with the new addition with my sister and her partner adjusting well, being both happy and healthy at home.”

       “In the last semester of 2020 I gained some wonderful experience and finished the year with a distinction average,” Jessica said. “Although COVID-19 restricted our practical time it taught me the value of appreciating what we have whilst we have it. I know as I move through 2021 that I will carry this message with me, making every moment count as you never know when the opportunity might disappear.”

       “In 2021 I will be completing my second last year before graduation and will be undertaking my practical rotations moving through metropolitan hospitals.”

       “I’m excited to see what new and wonderful things I will encounter with the different fields I’ll be exposed to. Perhaps I’ll find my field of passion and illuminate a journey that I hadn’t yet seen.”

       “Additionally I have been afforded the opportunity to complete my scholarly activity in education as I believe education is so crucial within the medical field.”

       “As I gear up for the year ahead, I am hopeful for what the future brings and appreciative of the people who have enabled me the opportunity to be here, including the Catenian Charity Inc. scholarship which has been an enormous benefit to me.”

Jessica Fenton