Catenian Organisations

The Catenian Charity Inc.

Its purpose is to advance the future of young catholic leaders in Australia by enhancing their life through learning.

It provides grants to marginalized and disadvantaged Australian catholic students who have reached the age of 16 but not yet reached the age of 25 and are on low incomes and who cannot afford to pay either tertiary institution tuition fees or tertiary residential college fees. The grants must be paid to an Australian university or college by the student. Only Australian citizens are eligible. They must be enrolled full time as a second year, third year or fourth year student in the graduate entry degree, or be enrolled in a higher degree.

It is registered with the Australian Not-for-profits Commission (ABN 89274625730). It is entitled to endorsement as a deductible gift recipient for the operation of the Fund as a scholarship fund. It is a public fund.

Catenian Bursary Fund.

This a U.K. registered Catenian charity. Each year it supports young catholics from all over the world who volunteer to do something wonderful and help those less fortunate than themselves. Either on a individual project or with others organised by the individual or through another organisation. It is essential the person will be doing something of benefit to others – not themselves. It has its own website

Catenian (Province 20) Youth Support Project

The objective is to encourage and assist young catholic persons (or in deserving instances to young christians) who have reached the age of 16 but not yet reached the age of 25 year age band, in educational, career or charitable pursuits which will strengthen their faith by expanding their knowledge of their faith or by sharing their catholic faith with others. Grants are made to assist youth to volunteer overseas, attend World Youth Day. Scholarships are awarded for tertiary studies and residential college fees. A $500 prize for woodwind and brass is available to a pupil entered in “Catholic Arts Festival”.

Catenian ‘Speak for Faith’ is a public speaking competition in W.A  for senior pupils enrolled at catholic secondary colleges and schools. Its aim to encourage and prepare catholics pupils to speak up for christian values and catholic ethics in a secular world.