Guide to Scholarship Applications

How to Apply

To apply for a scholarship you will need to complete the Catenian Charity Inc. scholarship application form and supply the supporting documents as specified on the application form.


In support of your application you will need to provide 2 referee reports from individuals who have known you for more than 6 months.

The referees you approach to support your application must be able to attest to your need for financial assistance to continue further education and comment on your drive and ambition, academic performance and capacity to pursue higher studies. Suitable people to provide references include teachers, lecturers and school principals. These individuals must not be related to you.

Referee reports must be original and dated within 3 months of your application submission. Referee reports must be provided on the specified referee report forms, or school/university/company letterhead.

Supporting Documentation

Documents provided in support of your application must be certified copies of the originals. Original copies should not be sent as the Charity is unable to return original documents.

For the purposes of confirming your prior enrolment in a year 12 secondary school level course, a letter from your school principal should be provided. (if applicable)

For the purposes of confirming your acceptance into a relevant university course, a certified copy of your acceptance/admission letter should be provided. (if applicable)

For the purposes of confirming your current enrolment in a relevant university course, a certified copy of your most recent academic transcript should be provided.

Certification of your documents

Copies of your documents must be certified before you submit them with your application.
The following persons/agents are acceptable authorities for certifying documents for the Charity:

  • Australian embassy, consulate or high commission staff member
  • University official (must include university stamp)
  • Notary public
  • Solicitor, legal practitioner, magistrate
  • Justice of the peace
  • Commissioner for affidavits or Commissioner for oaths
  • Police officer (in Australia only)
  • Pharmacist (in Australia only)
  • Postal manager (in Australia only)
  • CPA Australia Ltd (must include membership number). The person certifying the academic records must sign every page of the document.
  • On the final page the following details regarding the person/agent certifying the records must be provided legibly.
  • Their full name.
  • The authority in which they are making this certification (from the list above), and any 
other information that we have said above that we require to support that authority (e.g. 
membership or registration number).
  • A statement that they have seen and compared the original to the copy that they are, certifying and that it is a true copy.
  • Their signature.
  •  Submitting your Application
  • The application and supporting documentation should be emailed to
  • What to expect after you have submitted your application
  • The Charity accepts applications within the advertised application period. Following the close of the application period, your application will be reviewed by the Scholarship Master and Grant Advisory Committee and a recommendation will go to the Board of Trustees for review and decision. The Charity awards two scholarships annually and the Board of Trustees are responsible for the awarding of scholarships. You will be advised of the outcome following the meeting of the Board of Trustees and if your application is successful, further information will be provided on how the scholarship grant is awarded and paid.