The Catenian Charity Inc. Scholarship

Value: $5,000 per annum (duration)

The Catenian Charity Inc. Scholarship

Established to advance the interests Australian catholic students who are in necessitous circumstances*, enrolled, full-time, at an Australian tertiary institution or tertiary residential college.

Aged between 15 and 25 ie. have reached 16 but still 24 when the 2nd or subsequent full-time study year commences.

The student will have demonstrated drive and commitment to achieve academically, despite financial hardship, or other personal difficulty, in order to continue their studies.

The student will have completed at least 1 year of full-time study towards their Bachelor degree.

The grant will be paid to the recipient, upon satisfactory academic progress, for the duration of their studies or residency. The student must use the money to discharge their liability to the institution or college.

*A person is in necessitous circumstances where they don’t have enough financial resources to have a modest standard of living in Australia. A person receiving Centre Care “Youth Allowance” is qualified as “necessitous”

Available to applicants are the following documents :-

Scholarship eligibility and selection criteria;

Guide to Scholarship Applications;

Scholarship Conditions , and the

All applications must be submitted electronically.

Applications are open and close at 4 pm on 31 January 2022